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Quality sheet metal working machines & toolsHydraulic press brake , Hydraulic shear , Hydraulic drawing press , Hydraulic box & pan (straight) brake , Hydraulic plate bending roll , Hydraulic notcher.Power press , power roll , Hand box & pan (straight) brake , foot shear , Hand slip roll , Hand notcher , Hand rotary machine , Hand slitting machine .....etc.All kinds of punching , drawing , bending &cutting dies are available.
Hydraulic Press Brake
1. All-steel welded structure of balanced frame and ram, furnace-stress-relieved before machining. The one-time process of the entire frame assures more accuracy.2. With the high-steel balanced shaft to keep the parallelism between the upper and bottom apron efficiency to assure the bending angle.3. Depth control for air bending is obtained by means of the mechanical gauges adjustable by an electric motor with digital readout which simultaneously controls the two screws inside the cylinders.4. The easy operation bending angle compensation device can correct every point of the bending angle.5. The numerical control power back gauge penetration accuracy of +\- 0.1mm.6. Selected one side adjustment to allow just one cylinder to be adjusted for taper work.7. Automatic multi speed operation giving fast approach、slow bending and fast return. The changeover from fast to slow is pre-set by means of electrical and mechanical control.
Capacity : 15 ton ~ 300 Ton
* All-steel welded structure of balanced frame and ram,   furnace-stress-relieved before machining. The one-   time process of the entire frame assures more accuracy. * Combination air clutch & brake is a low interstitial stress   unit for giving efficiency greater, and is designed for   trouble free production and low maintenance cost. * An overload protector is adopted inside the slide as an   overload safety device to protect the machine damage   and convenience work. * Slide are adjusted by manual (80 ton and bellow) and   motorize, pneumatic slide balance device keeps balance   of slide connection parts and die for smooth operation. * The crank angle indicator will showing the crank position   accurately and immediately wherever operator’s need. * The die height indicator with a digital counter in    graduations of +/- 0.1mm. * Automatic lubrication is accomplished by a full-flow,   circulating, filtered system protected by safety switch.